Our Machines
CFX96 Touch Deep Well Real-Time PCR Detection System
Modular thermal cycler platform, includes C1000
Touch Thermal Cycler chassis, CFX96 Deep Well Optical Reaction Module, cables.
Sysmex XP-100 Hematology Analyzer
The XP-100 is an automated 3-part differential haematology analyser – and a great
choice for laboratories that need robust, reliable service and high-quality diagnostic results.
Mammography GE machine and
Mammography system
Mammography uses low-energy X-ray values, in the range of 20 to 40 kVp.
mammogram machine—an adjustable plastic plate (on top) and a fixed X-ray plate (on the bottom).
Zybio automated rnadna
Zybio – Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit
Multi-sample types, such as serum, plasma, nasopharyngeal swab, cell preservation solution, tissue fluid, urine, secretions, etc.
The kits are designed for samples from different sources.
Voluson S8 Signature Series ultrasound system
The result is excellent 2D and 3D/4D image quality, quickly, easily – without the need to spend time adjusting the controls.
Urodynamics machine
There are many types of urodynamic tests.Urodynamic studies (UDS) test how well
the bladder, sphincters, and urethra hold and release urine.
fully automated elisa machine
Fully Automated micro strip ELISA automated ELISA machine readers
equipment for your laboratory or research clinic.
TMT (Stress Test System)
TMT (Stress Test System) PC Based Cardiac workstation combines Resting and Exercise ECG. Standard and user programmable treadmill protocols.